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Promoting Impact-oriented Research that can Sustainably Address Farmers’ Challenges

Agricultural scientists and researchers are working very hard to deliver valuable research results that are progressively transforming agricultural sector and improving the productivity of farmers. Nigeria Seed Portal Initiative is facilitating access to essential information that can help them conduct more impact-oriented research towards sustainably addressing farmers’ challenges, through the following means:

The seed portal helps researchers to make informed decision on which seed varieties of crop to work on. For example, farmers may be facing a challenge with a particular seed variety; hence, researchers can get to know about the particular seed variety through agricultural extension agents, and thereafter obtain information about the seed variety on the seed portal, and then design a proper experiment to solve the farmer’s problem.

Also, the seed portal enables researchers to conduct studies that will be relevant and useful to farmers. For instance, an agronomist can study the effect of fertilizer microdozing on the growth and yield of selected varieties of a particular crop, so as to determine the best fertilizer level that will bring about optimum yield.

Moreover, it makes it possible for researchers to know the breeders and research institutions that developed specific seed varieties, and then contact them for any additional information they require for their research.

Additionally, the seed portal provides information on the national agricultural research institutes present in Nigeria. For example, the mandate crops, location and website address of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training- IAR&T (as well as other NARIs) can easily be accessed on the seed portal.

Finally, we commend the excellent efforts of all researchers that are working tirelessly to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure a food-secure future.




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