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Promoting Impact-oriented Research that can Sustainably Address Farmers’ Challenges

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Agricultural scientists and researchers are working very hard to deliver valuable research results that are progressively transforming agricultural sector and improving the productivity of farmers. Nigeria Seed Portal Initiative is facilitating access to essential information that can help them conduct more i ... [READ MORE]


Facilitating Knowledge Acquisition and Information Dissemination on Improved Seed Varieties in Nigeria

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The various ways by which the Nigerian Seed Portal (www.seedportal.org.ng) can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of smallholder farmers, seed producers, agricultural extension agents and other seed value chain actors, are highlighted below:

» It makes it easy to obtain information on im ... [READ MORE]


Nigerian Seed Portal Initiative: A Platform for Up-to-date Information on Improved Seed Varieties in Nigeria.

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It has been estimated that global food production needs to increase by more than 60 percent in order to be able to feed a rapidly growing population of about 9 billion people in the year 2050. The required percentage increase in food production is even higher in developing countries (including Nigeria) where ... [READ MORE]


Our Mission

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Nigerian Seed Portal Initiative exists to promote the adoption of improved seed varieties by facilitating easy access to valuable information on released seed varieties and improved agricultural practices. ... [READ MORE]


Our Vision

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We envision an effective and integrated seed system where farmers have timely and sustainable access to sufficient quantity of high-quality seeds at affordable prices. ... [READ MORE]




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