» Greetings! Welcome to the Nigerian Seed Portal.

Our Mission

Nigerian Seed Portal Initiative exists to promote the adoption of improved seed varieties by facilitating easy access to valuable information on released seed varieties and improved agricultural practices.

Our Vision

We envision an effective and integrated seed system where farmers have timely and sustainable access to sufficient quantity of high-quality seeds at affordable prices.


Our Objectives

We are working towards achieving our vision through the following strategic objectives:

» To create awareness about seed varieties released and registered in Nigeria.

» To generate periodic articles on the benefits of adopting improved seed varieties.

» To provide professional guidance on effective seed production, processing, storage and marketing.

» To facilitate the application of research results that focus on seed varieties released in Nigeria.

» To sensitize farmers about improved agricultural practices towards achieving optimum yield.

» To sensitize the public about the regulations that guide the Nigerian Seed Industry.

» To foster impactful collaborations among different actors of the Nigerian Seed Value Chain.



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