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Facilitating Knowledge Acquisition and Information Dissemination on Improved Seed Varieties in Nigeria

The various ways by which the Nigerian Seed Portal (www.seedportal.org.ng) can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of smallholder farmers, seed producers, agricultural extension agents and other seed value chain actors, are highlighted below:

» It makes it easy to obtain information on improved seed varieties that can perform best in specific regions or agro-ecological zones. For example, SAMMAZ 52 (a maize variety released in year 2017) is well adapted to Northern Guinea and Sudan Savanna zones but may not perform very well in the rainforest zone.

» It facilitates access to important information on various high-yielding seed varieties. For example, UMUCASS 37 (a cassava variety released in year 2011) which is suitable for gari (as well as fufu) and adapted to Southern and Northern Guinea Savanna, has a huge yield potential of 59.1 tonnes/hectare.

» It simplifies the process of knowing about disease-resistant seed varieties released in Nigeria. For instance, Pruktor (a cabbage variety released in year 2016) is tolerant to wilt, blight and rot.

» It enhances easy access to information about seed varieties that are tolerant to problematic weeds. For example, DK234 (a maize variety with high grain yield, released in year 2016) is tolerant to Striga hermonthica.

» It promotes straightforward access to information about drought-tolerant seed varieties. For example, FARO 65 (an early-maturing rice variety released in year 2015) has the potential to tolerate drought.

» It makes it easy to learn about improved seed varieties that are rich in specific nutrients. For example, Ife maizehyb-5 (an extra-early maturing maize variety released in year 2013) has high-protein contents as well as other outstanding characteristics.

» It facilitates easy access to information about agricultural research institutes and the improved seed varieties they have developed.

» It provides up-to-date information about latest news and publications that are relevant to every actor in the seed value chain.

In conclusion, the Nigerian Seed Portal Initiative (www.seedportal.org.ng) has now made it possible for farmers, seed producers, and other seed value chain actors to make informed decision while choosing from a wide range of improved seed varieties.




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