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SAMPEA 14 (IT99K-573-1-1)

Crop Name: Cowpea

National Code: NGVU-11-29

Variety Name: SAMPEA 14

Original Name: IT99K-573-1-1

Outstanding Characteristics: Multiple disease resistance especially Fusarium wilt, drought tolerance, Striga and Alectra resistance. (2.6t/ha)

Agroecological Zones: Northern Guinea Savanna

Origin/Source: IITA, Ibadan

Developing Institute: IITA, Ibadan, IAR- Abu, Zaria

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: Singh, B.B., Ishiyaku, M.F., Fatokun, C., Ousmane, B., Omoigui, L. O., Zaria, A. A., Ajeigbe, H.A., Olufajo, O.O., Kamara, A. Y. & Adeleke, R.

Potential Yield (t/ha): 2.6

Year of Release: 2011

Year of Registration: 2011