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SC419 (SC419)

Crop Name: Maize

National Code: NGZM-20-153

Variety Name: SC419

Original Name: SC419

Outstanding Characteristics: Early-maturing, high yielding, tolerant to drought and low-N, resistant to Striga hermonthica , and good husk cover. (8t/ha)

Agroecological Zones: Sudan and Guinea Savannah

Origin/Source: Seed Co Ltd., Zimbabwe

Developing Institute: Seed Co. Nigeria Ltd.

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: Moses A. Adebayo, Gorden Mabuyaye, Elliot Tembo, Alex Chikoshana, Muhydeen Oyekunle, Abebe Menkir & Baffour Badu-Apraku

Potential Yield (t/ha): 8

Year of Release: 2020

Year of Registration: 2020