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NIFOR Hybrid ()

Crop Name: Coconut

National Code: NGCN-00-3

Variety Name: NIFOR Hybrid

Original Name:

Outstanding Characteristics: Early flowering and good fruit composition.

Agroecological Zones: Humid Forest, Forest Transition/Derived Savanna

Origin/Source: NIFOR Benin City

Developing Institute: NIFOR Benin City

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: Mr. C.O. Obasola, Dr. K.U.K. Nampthiri, Dr.M.O. Otedoh, Dr. (Mrs) C.O. Okwuagwu, Dr.E.E.J. Akpan, Dr. J.O. Odewale, Dr. E.C.Okolo, & Dr. C. Ataga.

Minimum Yield (t/ha):

Maximum Yield (t/ha):

Year of Release: 1980

Year of Registration: 2000