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TDR 89/01213 (TDR 89/01213)

Crop Name: Yam

National Code: NGDR-03-5

Variety Name: TDR 89/01213

Original Name: TDR 89/01213

Outstanding Characteristics: Stable yield, very good cooking and pounding qualities, white non- oxidizing parenchyma, tuber dry matter = 29.8%

Agroecological Zones: Forest and Southern Guinea Savanna

Origin/Source: IITA, Ibadan/NRCRI, Umudike

Developing Institute: IITA, Ibadan/NRCRI, Umudike

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: Dr. S.K. Hahn, Dr. R. Asiedu & Dr. G.C. Orkwor

Minimum Yield (t/ha):

Maximum Yield (t/ha):

Year of Release: 2003

Year of Registration: 2003



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