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UPIA 3 (IWA 3)

Crop Name: Rice

National Code: NGOS-13-67

Variety Name: UPIA 3

Original Name: IWA 3

Outstanding Characteristics: Early maturity, high yield, long slender grains and tolerant to iron toxicity. (7.0t/ha)

Agroecological Zones: Forest Transition/Derived Savanna

Origin/Source: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Developing Institute: University of Port Harcourt, IRRI, AGRA

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: Andrew A. Efisue, Glenn Gregorio, Olugbenga Akinwale, A.T. Maji, Francis Nwilene & C.A. Awe

Potential Yield (t/ha): 7

Year of Release: 2013

Year of Registration: 2013