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SAMMAZ 50 (M1026-8)

Crop Name: Maize

National Code: NGZM-16-131

Variety Name: SAMMAZ 50

Original Name: M1026-8

Outstanding Characteristics: Tolerance to drought and Striga hermonthica (9.3t/ha)

Agroecological Zones: Southern and Northern Guinea Savanna

Origin/Source: IITA, Ibadan

Developing Institute: IITA, Ibadan and IAR, Samaru

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: A. Menkir, M. Oyekunle, S.G. Ado, I.S. Usman, H. Mani, A.D. Halilu, H. Abubakar, U.S. Abdullahi and M.B. Hassan

Minimum Yield (t/ha): 9.3

Maximum Yield (t/ha): 9.3

Year of Release: 2016

Year of Registration: 2016



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