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ILRI-152 (ILRI-152 Centrosema pubesans Benth)

Crop Name: Forage Legume

National Code: NGCP/FL-00-1

Variety Name: ILRI-152

Original Name: ILRI-152 Centrosema pubesans Benth

Outstanding Characteristics: Slow to establish but subsequently persisted species. Outstanding ability to remain green in dry season and high nutritive value. Good soil improving properties. Can regenerate from roots after fire in dry season. Mediocre seed production. No anti-nutritional qualities.

Agroecological Zones:

Origin/Source: ILRI, Genebank, Ethiopia

Developing Institute: ILRI, Ibadan, Nigeria

Breeder(s)/Collaborators: S.A. Tarawali, M.A. Mohammed Saleem, M. Peter

Potential Yield (t/ha):

Year of Release: 2000

Year of Registration: 2000